I Love To Flash In Public

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My Erotic Public Flashing Fetish Revealed!

Okay, so it started when I was a little girl. I used to love to tease the boys on the playground by flashing my panties to them when I was out playing on the jungle gym during recess. They would all stop what they were doing and run over to stare at me. I liked it. And I have to admit it was even then that I learned of the incredible power a woman flashing has over the male "animal", hehe.

When I was in high school and getting my breasts, I used to flash the boys in the hallway by leaning over like I had to check my laces so they could look down my shirt. Of course I NEVER wore a bra....

Now that I work down town in the business district, I still flash like crazy when I'm on the street during my lunch break or going home on the train. Seeing complete stranger's face's when I lift my skirt and flash my pussy or open my shirt so they can see my bare tits just makes me SO HOT! I often can't wait to get home and start masturbating about it.

And you know what? I've talked to lots of my friends and female associates and there are TONS of girls and yes, older women, that LOVE getting naked in public or flashing people!

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The Story of A Girl Who Loves To Flash Strangers In Public!